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Lesson Four - Keep Moving Forward

I have now completed 6 hours of driving lessons which brings me to a total of 6 lessons. Off we toddled out to Glen Eden to get the motion of going up and down gears happening and reversing over and done with. Within 15 mins, 2 complete stops because I couldn't find the correct gear and 2 tries at reversing I was a wreck. Must be a female thing to get all upset over nothing. I didn't hit anything and I stayed within my boundaries while reversing but I still got worked up because I couldn't see the damn road sign and I didn't want to be the first person to hit something in our truck. That's all I would have needed. I took a few minutes to chill out and relax and headed off again. I nailed the next 2 attempts at reversing and the get out of jail card of going from 5th to 3rd and headed out to Kirkwood Road. I did really well on the roundabouts and the traffic lights on Kirkwood. During my drive up and back along Kirkwood Road and then along Glenlyon Rd, Phillip Street, Gladstone-Benaraby Road, Darymple Road and then home I can proudly say that I only crunched a gear once. Pretty sure the gear box was extremely thankful for that. I need to try and be relaxed well before I get into the truck so that I am relaxed for the drive. Painting the house all day probably didn't help my cause.

Jean Van Vegchel