Who is

United Driver Training?



Local residents of Gladstone QLD since 1996, we commenced trading on March 20th 2014. Starting out with a 2013 ISUZU FXZ 1500 Medium, we have since added a 2015 ISUZU FVR 1000 Long (synchromesh), 2021 ISUZU GIGA (automatic) & 2019 Kia Cerato Sport (manual car)

We are committed to our students and understand that each and every student learn in different ways. We will find the best and easiest way for our students to be comfortable and confident behind the steering wheel.

Why Us ?

Having worked onsite and off site within the rail, civil, training, employment & insurance industries definitely has it's advantages. We have seen and experienced the need for flexible training options to assist local residents to continue their upskiling, or land that ever important employment opportunity by providing flexible booking times which include being available on weekends. We also understand the frustration that many parents face when teaching their teenager confidence with driving while adhering to the ever important road rules.