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Lesson Five - NEARLY THERE

I clocked up another hour today and nailed my reversing straight up. It's always great to get off on a good start.

Today was the day to really see how I would go in amongst full traffic and I must say that I even impressed myself. What didn't impress me was some guy walking along a footpath talking on is phone and didn't bother to see if there was any oncoming traffic until he stepped onto the gutter, thanks for the near heart attack mate.

Apologies to the drivers behind me if I was going slightly slower than the speed limit but I really wanted to nail my gear changes at the intersections.

What I am really noticing is that when I do make a mistake I am able to tell Adam exactly what I did wrong which means I am understanding the truck a lot more now.

Focus for my next lesson is to scan, scan and scan some more. Already know in my head what I am doing before I get to the next intersection or roundabout and pray that I hear those 3 words from Adam "You are ready".

Fingers crossed for my next lesson...or two.

Jean Van Vegchel