Terms & Conditions




Bookings can be made via phone call, text message, email or Facebook messenger. All bookings are made directly with UDT without a third party to ensure that our vehicles are available, and the dates and times are correct at the time of the booking.


Practical Test:

If using one of UDT’s vehicles for your test, UDT MUST book the practical test, this ensures that the correct vehicle is available for your test.

Payment of Fees

We have a variety of payment options available:

  • Cash

  • Card (card processing fee applies)

  • Invoice – Card (processing fee applies) & Bank Transfer

  • Cheque

Gift Certificates:

  • Full payment must be received before a gift certificate will be allocated. Gift certificates must be used within 3 months

Car Packages:

  • Must be paid in full to receive the discounted price

Heavy Vehicle Packages:

  • $100 non-refundable deposit must be received to secure your practical test spot. The remainder of the package price must be paid in full by the invoice due date



UDT understand that sometimes events occur that students cannot control but we do ask the following of students:



  • Provide 24hrs notice for UDT to be able to try and fill that appointment time

  • No cancellation/rescheduling fee will be charged


  • Minimum of 72hrs notice is required to cancel/reschedule. Notice less than 48hrs, fees are forfeited to the Department of Transport and Main Roads

  • If less than 48hrs notice is given by a student but the student has already paid the Booking Test Fee to UDT then there will be no further cancellation charges. If the student has NOT paid the Booking Test Fee to UDT then the student will be charged $60 for the cancellation (includes admin fee)

Non-Payment of Packages


UDT reserves the right to cancel any pre-booked packages if payment has not been received in full by the due date set on the students’ invoice.

Refunds of Pre-Paid Driver Training


  • If you cancel a pre-paid lesson or package with more than 24hrs notice, then a full refund less a 10% administration fee will be refunded by way of a bank transfer. There will be no CASH refunds.

  • Credit/Debit Card fees are non refundable from UDT

NB - Package deals are charged at a discounted rate and therefore any lessons already completed will be charged at the full rate of a single driving lesson.

Driving with United Driver Training


All students will ensure:

  1. All information provided by the student/guardian are true and correct.

  2. To carry a valid driver’s licence always and will advise UDT if there are any changes to their driving history.

  3. To obey all QLD Traffic laws whilst driving any UDT training vehicle and will drive in a manner that does not conflict with the QLD Traffic Laws.

  4. To advise the instructor of any of the following prior to the commencement of a lesson to where a vehicle cannot be operated in safe manner:

  • new medical conditions

  • taking of any prescribed medication, illicit drugs and/or alcohol

   5. Any malicious or criminal damage to a UDT training vehicle will be repaired at the student’s own costs.

   6. Any accidental damage caused by the student during a lesson will warrant payment of the insurance excess by the student as               prescribed by UDT’s insurer.