Heavy Vehicle Practical Test

Minimum number of lessons required


Participants are NOT required to undertake a minimum number of driving lessons prior to taking their practical test with a driving examiner from their local Department of Transport & Main Roads. At United Driver Training, our instructor will assess each participant’s progress after every lesson and will advise you once he believe's that you are 100% ready to go.



Beginner – approx. 4-5 one hour lessons

Intermediate – approx. 3-4 one hour lessons

Experienced – approx. 2-3 one hour lessons

It's time for your practical test !!!

Allow 2.5 to 3 hours

Practical tests are conducted by an appointed driving examiner from your local Transport & Main Roads Department (TMR) Centre and bookings must be made directly with your local TMR.  We ask that students complete their written learners test prior to their practical test date. Students are required to wear closed in shoes.

Practical tests include:

  • Use of United Driver Training HR or MR vehicle

  • 1 hour warm up drive with our instructor

  • Present to  TMR 15 minutes prior to testing time

  • Practical driving test (60-70 minutes) with TMR driving examiner

  • TMR driving examiner report with our instructor present

United Driver Training cannot garauntee that students will pass their practical test but will certainly do our best to ensure that you are competent and ready to go!!!

For further information on practical tests please click HERE

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