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Jean's Final Drive!!!

As you can tell by the photos below, I have successfully passed my HR test HOORAY.

My pretest drive was shattering, it was probably my worst since my 5th hour of driving no thanks to my unscrupulous nerves. By the time was due to start my test with the DE, my hands were sweating, I was doubting my abilities and my legs & arms had gone to jelly.

It has taken a total of 12 hours of drive time and conquering all of my fears about trucks to get to this point and I was successful thanks to my husband Adam.

For me, getting my licence was about gaining knowledge and understanding of:

- what it's like to be the student

- what it's like to be the instructor

- our awesome little beast of a truck

- double clutching

- and our chosen venture for our family

I have also come out of this with the understanding of how frustrating it can be for truck drivers on our roads. I am also proud that I didn't put a dent into Adam's birthday today and now we need to top it off with an awesome game of ORIGIN tonight.

So for everyone out there who thinks that getting your Open HR Licence is pointless, you are wrong. I can now drive the highest level of heavy rigid trucks because I don't have a restriction on my licence.