General Questions


What will happen for students who were already booked in for Practical Tests?

All students have been contacted regarding the cancellation of all practical testing. An email has also been sent to the Principle Advisor for Driving Assessments with a list of all students who need to be rebooked as soon as practical tests reopen. We will endeavour to get all students rebooked in the same order.


How long before TMR will reopen testing?

How long is a piece of string? Unfortunately, all testing was cancelled effective from 27th March 2020 for a period of 3mths. This is constantly being reviewed by the TMR and all driving schools will be advised should the testing reopen earlier or if the cancellation will be extended.


What precautions are being taken for students to prevent the spread of COVID-19?

All vehicles are being wiped down and sanitised as much as possible after each & every lesson. Any lessons for students who answer YES to any of the QLD Government Novel-coronavirus self-assessment questions are being postponed for 14 days.

Heavy Vehicle


Can new students still book a day package with UDT?

Yes. We currently have a spreadsheet for all new students who would like to obtain their MR Synchro or HR Synchro licences. We will require students’ full name, licence number & email address and once the TMR reopens testing we will contact all students to confirm that are still wishing to proceed. The day package and practical test will then be booked immediately in the order that students have contacted us.


Can students still complete lessons with UDT?

No. Due to the day packages being only 4 hours of driver training with a 1 hour practical test, it is not feasible to have students completing 3 hours of driver training to then wait anything up to 3 months or more to then complete their 4th hour of driver training and practical test. This leaves too larger gap between learning and completing their test.


Manual & Auto Car Lessons


Can learner drivers still complete logbook hours with family?

Yes. It has been recommended that you stay within your suburb/region and only have one supervising family member in the car.  The trips may be short but it’s better than the alternative of no driving allowed at all. Do not drive to the next town unless it is for essential travel.

Can learner drivers still complete lessons with UDT?

Yes. Driving schools are still considered an essential service in QLD and are permitted to continue working and providing lessons to students to accrue their logbook hours.

Gladstone Students can still book in for manual car lessons only.

Sunshine Coast students can still book in for manual and automatic car lessons.




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