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4 Months Later..

It has been exactly 4 months since I successfully upgraded my licence to a heavy rigid unrestricted licence. During these last 4 months I have driven our truck 5 times and this has only been in the last month or so.

Two days ago I went on my first drive without Adam in the truck with me and I can say that 6th gear and did not see eye to eye on that occassion and I was left rather disappointed considering how successful I was on my test drive. From here it was decided that I needed to do more driving to keep in touch.

Today was the day of trying to keep in touch...hmmm

Long story short, it's not as easy as riding a bicycle. Going out amongst the traffic properly for the first time since upgrading was slightly daunting. Anxiety and nerves got the better of me at one point and I felt like I had failed.

After experiencing this I would like to say that simply passing a HR practical test does not mean that you are an expert at driving a crashbox. Without constant driving after upgrading, even the simple things are easy to forget.