Getting Started...

You want to upgrade your licence to a Heavy Vehicle Licence  but you're just not 100% sure on exactly where to start or what steps to follow. Below are 3 very simple and easy questions to get you started.


1. Have you held your C Class licence including a provisional licence (not including your car learners) for a minimum of 1 year (if upgrading to MR) or 2 years (if upgrading to HR) not including licence suspension periods?     OR

2. Have you held your LR or MR licence for a minimum of 1 year (if upgrading to HR)?


If you answered YES to either of the first 2 questions then you are ready to move on to the next step.


3. Have you successfully completed your heavy vehicle written test at your local TMR Centre (written test)?


If you answered yes to question number 3 then you are ready to commence your heavy rigid or medium rigid lessons with United Driver Training.





Now it's time for you to get in contact with a Driving School that provides instruction for the class of licence that you are wishing to uppgrade to.


1. Book your first lesson.

2. Be prepared to undertake as many lessons as required to ensure you are successful in passing the practical test. 


Its time to book your test...


3. Your driving instructor will let you know when you are ready to tackle your practical test. 

4. Successfully pass your HR practical test.


There can be up to a 4 week wait for an available test spot. If you would like to book your test in advance and complete your lessons during the weeks leading up to your test spot, please let us know.


For all information regarding heavy vehicle licencing requirements please click HERE

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