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Tori Van Vegchel's 2nd Drive

TORI'S 2ND DRIVE My second drive. What can I say about my second drive…hmmmm? Well I started my lesson looking like a lobster (heat exhaustion not a good thing) and was exhausted from completing my Jetski course. However I was still keen to get that second drive in and my first drive in Gladstone.

I could remember everything dad had taught me in my first drive but my concentration decided to take some precious annual leave without notifying me first. At one point I turned to dad and said “Daddy help me”, that damn gear stick just refused to go into gear.

My knee was sore, so that meant my gear changes were really slow which then means I wasn’t travelling at the correct speed to complete my gear changes successfully. I wouldn’t even be able to tell you how many times I crunched gears or simply couldn’t get to the next gear.

I knew what I was doing wrong after I did it which is a bonus because it means I understand what I should be doing and just need to make sure that my concentration is not on hiatus. On the plus side though I nailed the reverse which is great, not once did I cross my hands when turning the steering wheel and I drove without the airbrakes on.