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Lesson One - NO FEAR

We thought it best that we find an area where there was absolutely no traffic, no spectators and minimal obstacles, so we decided on heading down to the Central Soccer Fields (don't fret, I didn't damage the club house or the toilet block).

The aim of the lesson was to simply get to 4th gear and I must say I got there pretty quickly so Adam decided that I needed to now go up to 5th gear (yeah rightio). This now meant I had to flick a switch on the gear stick in order to go into 5th gear...well...that didn't go amazingly. First attempt sent me completely batty BUT I nailed it on the 2nd attempt, I even got up into 7th gear but unfortunately I kept completely missing 6th gear..whoops. Getting this far took the whole lesson (90mins) and this is where the lesson ended but I did manage to safely drive us both home...thank god home was just around the corner.

I need to work on using my mirrors when reversing and having confidence when going down in gears. On an awesome positive note, I completely rocked reverse gear , never crunched or not found reverse and only raised my voice once at Adam which was to frantically ask "WHAT DO I DO NOW???". I am glad I have taken that first step and I can say that once you get past that first step you feel so much more at ease.

Jean Van Vegchel

#lessonone #nofear #firstdrive